Film Maker & Broadcast Professional

Delivering engaging & thought-provoking content

Marian has a strong track record of directing and producing content for a variety of media establishments; from online platforms and television to communications and branding. As a creative, not only does she have the ability to come up with current and relatable ideas, but her in-depth knowledge of the production process has enabled her to deliver high standard content; from conception to completion. Whether she’s producing a short form current affairs feature or directing a conceptual fashion film on race and feminism, Marian always aims to create impactful and compelling storytelling; juxtaposing vivid and simplistic shots with complex and candid narratives.

Marian’s interest in sociopolitical issues in the realm of popular culture plays a huge part in the work she does.

  • ▹ Directing

  • ▹ Producing

  • ▹ Edit Producing

  • ▹ Pitching & developing ideas

  • ▹ Casting

  • ▹ Negotiating sensitive access

  • ▹ Archive Research

  • ▹ Video Editing

  • ▹ Self Shooting

  • ▹ Co-ordinating Shoots

  • ▹ Crew Management